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Upstream specialises in creative management and consultancy.

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Abstract: Vision & Reality
Technical: Upstream & Downstream
Diagrammatical: Design Processes


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Design processes create mappings between three different entities: a vision, specifications and implementations.

Upstream helps you go from vision to specification, without the need for any technical knowledge or experience of a particular medium. By listening carefully to your requirements, we analyse, sculpt and refine a vision into a workable creative project.

Once the specifications have been approved, the implementations are rolled out under our expert supervision and become reality.

In contrast to specialised agencies, Upstream is able to manage the entire range of implementations that a company could require for its corporate communications. This enables you to cut down on time that would otherwise be spent sourcing a range of agencies to cater for different media formats, dealing with different account managers and staying on top of each deliverable's progress.

We let you concentrate on what you do best.
Upstream design activities are adaptable and abstract and pertain to the domains of analysis and preliminary design phases. Downstream design activities are concerned with detailed design and production phases.

Upstream design activities require a greater component of human expertise and interaction while downstream design activities lend themselves more readily to fast turnaround. They begin when you are confident that the specifications are correct and complete, and are ready for detailed design and production.

Upstream guides clients through the creative project process by applying techniques and principles to produce a conceptualisation that describes and defines a solution to a requirement perceived in reality. Our goal is to become the seamless link between your vision for a project and that same project being formed in reality.
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